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2024 Jan Badminton Workshop

January 11, 2024

[Badminton Basics : The History of Badminton]

🏸Diving into the historical fabric of our favorite sports enriches our connection to its legacy, encompassing values, events, and trends, particularly spanning the last century. Take, for example, the significant milestone in 1992 when the nation commemorated its first national holiday following our triumphant win in the Thomas Cup. While this knowledge may not directly enhance your skills, it certainly cultivates a profound interest in the sport for enthusiasts.


‍[Video Analysis : Understanding the basic footwork]

‍Unveiling the Secrets: Deciphering the Art of Fluid Badminton Movement. Why do some players exhibit such a fluid movement compared to mine? How do they do that?Footwork constitutes the essence of badminton movement. Beyond possessing exceptional speed and agility, the technique of swiftly navigating the court and promptly returning every stroke has become a focal point of discussion.