Group Training

Players improve their badminton skills with in-depth knowledge of badminton and also by incorporating 5 Performance Factors. At the end of the training, students will be able to identify the positive benefits of badminton participation, the characteristics of a professional badminton athlete, and the key components of a badminton match.

On-Court Training

Development Roadmap
- Whole year program
- 4 intakes per year
- Learn badminton skills and get physically ready to play professionally.
Players of all levels, from beginner to elite level
Basic Level 1
Test 1
Test 2
Basic Level 1

Basic Level 2
Level 1
Level 2
Elite Level 1
Recognized Certificate by Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei

Duration to complete a level is depending on the training progression of the players. However, the assessment will be conducted twice a year.

Wira Pack
With every enrolment, players will be getting :
  • 2x Training Jersey according to their level
  • 1x Academy Handbook
  • 1x Academy Training Assessment Booklet
  • 1x Player’s Pass
  • 1x LCWA Training Towel

Player’s Pass is important to recognize the player’s identity, where the player’s past medical and injury history will be captured, in case of any emergency that medical professional can immediately understand the player's medical/injury history

2 times per year
Certificate of Level Completion

Physical Training

LCWA’s comprehensive physical training program focuses on physical endurance, reflex, stamina and agility. In order to produce the best players, we follow a strict disciplined training structure that is tailored by appointed coaches so that players can prepare and improve their body conditions. Their progress is regularly monitored by coaches to ensure they are on track.


Competitions help instill a competitive spirit among players. In an organized competition, players are grouped, organised, sorted and scheduled with tournaments that fit their skill level and age, and they will play at both local and international levels as they progress.

Extra Curriculum

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Video Analysis
Friendly Match
Team Building
First Aid / Injury Management
First Aid / Injury Management

Video Analysis

LCWA provides video analysis to help educate and train students. By analyzing professional players or opponents, students can get a thorough analysis of other players’ play styles, tactical manoeuvres and strategies to help them expand their breadth of experience.

Friendly Match

We realized the importance of friendly matches as an element of pre-season preparations and preparations between individual cups. You can raise the familiarity of players with tactics, this way, their teamwork, morale, and condition. This will allow you to start division matches properly and avoid false starts. Organized at least once every 2 months throughout the year. Local and international badminton clubs are invited.

Team Building

LCWA emphasizes teamwork, team spirit, synergy and communication via team building activities. By building tolerance and compromise, teamwork is instilled as players build relationships and understanding together.

First Aid / Injury Management

LCWA provides first aid workshops to teach proper techniques, steps and measures for students should an injury occur. Whether it is a sports injury or an accident, players are able to take necessary actions immediately, correctly and accurately, and can also make careful medical decisions in emergency cases.

Group Training Schedule
Registration & Coaching Fees