Nurturing The Love
Of The Game

At LCW Badminton Academy, we strive to inherit and pass on the country’s beloved sport to the next generation. As badminton is our national sport, we aim to cultivate the passion and love for the game in today’s youth.

All our players go through vigorous training to bring out their full potential, in the hopes to be able to play professionally on a global level. We take training seriously and have a detailed and structured course that caters to all levels of expertise.

But above all, we strive to nurture good sportsmanship in the next generation. We emphasize positive values and develop a solid foundation in our youths in order to prepare them for future challenges.

Mission Statement

Dreamers Today.
World-Class Players Tomorrow.

In everything we do, we are guided by our founding objectives.


To inherit and pass on the country’s
beloved sport to younger generations.


To produce world-class and topnotch badminton players to compete in the global arena.


To expand the influence of badminton throughout all corners of the country and the world.


To nurture the morals of great sportsmanship
in younger generations.

5 Performance Factors


we have the capacity to recover quickly from failure, difficulty, and hardships. We learn to pick ourselves up in the hardest conditions and fortify ourselves and stand out above the rest like diamonds in the rough.


we practice sportsmanship, professionalism, and self-respect to the highest standard. Only with self-discipline can punctuality, accuracy, and order be maintained to achieve world-class status.


we maintain ourselves in prime condition so as to face all storms and challenges. To be physically and mentally prepared for the sport is to maintain the fitness of the body, the clarity of the mind, and the enrichment of our spirit.


we are refined to perfection in all areas. To show no weakness is our key to victory. With definite skill comes definite success but the real skill is obtained not through birth but hard work, practice, diligence, strong will, and passion altogether.


we play the game with the most delicate and detailed techniques. To outsmart and outwit the opponent, to plan ahead and counter react. We strive to gain the upper hand in strategic advantage to defeat our adversaries with more than skill but intelligence as well.