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2023 Grading Promotion Ceremony

January 29, 2024

After years of dedicated training, the sweet taste of success is finally here! Heartiest congratulations to the players who triumphantly passed the assessment in December last year. Your hard work has borne fruit, and we celebrate this well-deserved achievement together! Congratulations again to the players who not only passed the assessment but showcased exceptional skills. Some earned their success with flying colors, while others with a well-earned pass. Regardless of the outcome, each achievement is a testament to your commitment and hard work. Here's to the beginning of even greater victories ahead!

But remember, don't become complacent with your current achievements. Grades are not set in stone, and everyone will undergo another assessment in the next 6 months. Continuous improvement is the key; failure to show progress may result in a reversal of your grade. Stay committed and keep pushing towards excellence!