Coach Darren Isaac A/L

Senior Assistant Coach 
  • 2015 Victor Maribynong International
    Men’s Doubles Champion
  • 2015 Auckland International
    Men’s Doubles Champion
  • 2012 Smiling Fish International Series
    Men’s Doubles Champion

Coach Tan Lip Kiat

Junior Coach 
  • 2019 ShengMei Junior Chamber Badminton Tournament (Team Competition)
  • 2019 TaiChung Dadu Close (Team Competition)
  • 2017 Chang Hua Close (Team Competition)
  • 2017 TaiChung Shalu Badminton Tournament (Team Competition)
  • 2017 Rating Program (NBRP) Tournament (April)
    Men’s Double 4.0 1st Runner Up
  • 2016 Lining Rating Program (NBRP) Tournament
    Men's Double 4.0 Quarter Final
  • 2016 NCU Badminton Tournament
    Men's Double Quarter Final
    3 vs 3 1st Runner Up
  • 2015 NCKU Open

Coach Fung Voon Kian

Junior Coach 
  • 2011 SMJK Sam Tet Challenge Men’s Doubles
    2nd Runner Up
  • 2011 Inter House Competition
    2nd Runner Up
  • 2010 Inter House Competition Single/Doubles
    1st Runner Up
  • 2010 Badminton Championship (Close) U18
    1st Runner Up
  • 2009 Inter House Competition Single/Doubles
    1st Runner Up
  • 2008 Inter House Competition Single/Doubles
    1st Runner Up


Datuk Wira Dr. Lee Chong Wei

Datuk Wira Dr. Lee Chong Wei DB PJN AMN DCSM DSPN (born 21 October 1982) is a former Malaysian badminton player. As a singles player, Lee was ranked first worldwide for 349 weeks, including a 199-week streak from 21 August 2008 to 14 June 2012. He is the fourth Malaysian player after Rashid Sidek, Roslin Hashim and Wong Choong Hann to achieve such a ranking (since official rankings were first kept in the 1980s), and is the only Malaysian shuttler who has held the number one ranking for more than a year. Datuk Wira Dr. Lee Chong Wei is a triple silver medalist at the Olympic Games, and the sixth Malaysian to win an Olympic medal. He won his first silver medal in 2008, also the first time a Malaysian had reached the finals in the men's singles event. This achievement earned him the title Datuk, and led to then Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak describing him as national hero. He repeated the achievement twice more in 2012 and 2016, thus making him the most successful Malaysian Olympian in history. On 13 June 2019, Datuk Wira Dr. Lee Chong Wei announced his retirement after struggling to return to full fitness following a nose cancer diagnosis. He was appointed as Malaysia's chef de mission for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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Coach Chang Kim Wai

Along with the dream, Optimistic all the way against the counter-current

Malaysia Badminton Stage Doubles’ Coach -- KW Chang

Coach Chang Kim Wai grew up in Sungai Siput, coming from a low income family whereby his father was a factory worker and his mother, a housewife. By the age of 12, he was selected to represent his school in badminton tournaments. During that time, he had to borrow badminton racquets from his friends because he did not have his own. Along with his persistence and commitment, this young boy was finally selected to be part of the Perak state badminton team, soon after, he joined the national team and later became a famous badminton ace in doubles. In 2003, he successfully broke into the badminton men's doubles final of the Southeast Asian Games (ASEAN), leading the race once and for all. Later in age, he built the foundation of his journey as a badminton doubles coach. The players under his wings were the pairs, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong, Lee Wan Wah and Chong Tan Fook and many more. Currently, he is the head coach in Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei Badminton Academy (LCWA) and still continues to instill his profession and knowledge in young shuttlers.Coach Chang Kam Wai, regarded by many "devil coach," unknown to many, is a reasonable man. Losing games to him does not matter, as long as the fire of the heart has not been dimmed. He believes that self-reflection is more meaningful to discovering our own weaknesses rather than pointless frustration when players lose in the games.He pointed out that there is also a shortage of coaches for the time being. Therefore, besides providing training to players, coaches should also focus on the coaching training regimes to always maintain the quality of badminton. Coach Chang has gained a lot of knowledge during his service in the national team and he would like to share his knowledge to those people who are interested in becoming coaches.At the age of 45, he recalled that someone had said to him before that badminton can be played for life. For Coach Chang, he has already been playing for the past 20 over years and all he had to do was hold a racquet and just do what he does best. People who were envious and skeptical of him often questioned him about his skills and Coach Chang would reply "You could have been me, but you gave up!”

Profile of Coach Chang Kim Wai
1988 - 1995
Perak State Player
1996 - 2003
Malaysia National Team (Men’s Doubles)
2004 - 2017
Malaysia National Coach
2017 till current
Head Coach of LCWA
Most Notable Tournament Success
Hong Kong Open
2nd Runner Up
Polish Open
Singapore Open
1st Runner Up
Thomas Cup
1st Runner Up
Malaysia Open
1st Runner Up
Commonwealth Games
1st Runner Up
SEA Games
1st Runner Up
Player’s Name List
Men’s Singles:
Leong Jun Hao、Cheam June Wei、Sim Fong Hou
Men’s Doubles:
Koo Kien Keat、Tan Boon Heong、Lee Wan Wah、Chong Tan Fook、Chan Chong Ming、Chew Choon Eng、Hoon Thien How、Gan Teik Chai、Lin Woon Fui、Tan Wei Kiong、Goh V Shem、Mohd Zakry、Fairurizuan
Women’s Doubles:
Woon Khe Wei、Vivian Hoo、Lim Yin Hoo、Goh Liu Ying、Amelia Ashley

Senior Coach

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